The future of translation project management


Management is always about technology and people, and translation project management is no exception.
People can do a limited amount of work, as we all have only 24 hours a day. And if you want to get more work done, there are 2 ways: delegation and automation. This means that you either get other people or machines to do the job. And these 2 approaches need to be balanced, as they are interdependent since machines need people who are competent enough to operate them.

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I have a small translation agency,
and I do not need
a management system


We often hear the above statement from the directors of very small translation companies, which employ up to five managers. Some offices are so small that there is only one project manager in them, and that is the owner. Such companies usually keep track of projects in Excel files or other spreadsheet editors that are generally not suitable for this purpose.

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PM Stories:
"Episode 17. Midnight delivery"


When determining the time that is necessary and convenient for yourself, take into account that it may be such only for you.

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You are a leader,
so do not look behind


We regularly talk to the heads of translation agencies, both in private and at conferences. During these conversations, the thought inevitably pops up: yes, of course it is good to have a translation business management system, but it is difficult to implement, and so it is easier to continue using Excel or Google Spreadsheets. Some people even make do with a physical board, listing the current projects with felt-tip pens.

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