Since 2011

We have been developing software
for the translation industry

Initially, we fulfilled individual orders for translation agencies. During those projects we gained experience and learned how the translation industry works. This experience has allowed us to enter the market as a software developer for translation agencies and freelance translators.

Our first product  -


This product was developed in cooperation with Technolex Translation Studio. Its success convinced us that we could and should develop truly useful tools for the translation industry.

notebook changetracker

used by more than

10000 translators around the world

Our next product is  -


Protemos is designed to manage a translation business. Before we began development, we studied existing market solutions and decided to create a super simple and highly functional system that would require no prior training or special knowledge and would be suitable for both freelance translators and translation agencies. We tested the system in the real environment of a translation agency. Now we are making it available to everybody.

protemos screenshot

It is very important to us that this system is as convenient as possible for you, so we really need your feedback and suggestions.

You can register an account and start using the system right now:

We are trying to tailor the system to your needs as much as possible by considering your suggestions:

our next project is  -


TQAuditor is a system for agencies to assess and monitor translation quality. It resulted from an evolution of the ChangeTracker project. The system lets you compare different versions of translated files, categorize mistakes and indicate their severity, calculate a quality score for each job, facilitate anonymous discussion between translator and proofreader, and generate quality scores, error statistics, and quality trends for each translator.

protemos screenshot

You are welcome to register an account anytime:

We very much appreciate your ideas and suggestions on improving the system:

We're also full of new ideas. We are currently working on 2 more products that we hope will pleasantly surprise the translation industry.



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