GALA 2018 conference in Boston


When we arrived in Boston, we have to admit we were a bit shocked. In Amsterdam last year we were promised this sunny paradise, but what we got instead was more like one of our typical Ukrainian winters! Snow warnings were everywhere, and to be honest, we thought they were overreacting a bit (coming from such a snowy country we don’t really have the patience for people who overreact to a mm of snow!). But, the day after we arrived it all became apparent what all the fuss was about - snow everywhere led to complete chaos leaving many delegates stranded. Some even cancelled their trip altogether.

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What’s preventing you from implementing a translation management system?


In today’s highly competitive market, it is important to minimize expenditures—in both money and time—on management, business continuity and internal communications. In addition, it is important to be able to instantly access any information related to the company’s vital functions.

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Why are translation agencies necessary and are they necessary at all?


Clients and translators often have the desire to work together directly, bypassing translation agencies as an intermediary. A number of industry prognosticators have predicted that translation agencies are going to go extinct because it is going to become really easy for clients and translators to find one another. Despite the predictions, however, agencies continue to be established and grow and sometimes even find investors who are prepared to purchase them for a price that exceeds 10 years of their profits. Why is this the case?

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Focus on translation instead of administrative issues

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