Why did we decide to host a free webinar for Protemos freelance translators


Working for yourself, in your own pace and time has always had a romantic connection with people. The urge to experience cultures, visit places, be more involved with families are some of the most common reasons why people decide to become freelance translators. This type of a setting lets them enjoy everything they love - freedom, languages and earning money.

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A Brief History of Translation


A Brief History of Translation People earlier in the time had realized the need of translation and interpreting. As man moved from his area into a different one, first for hunting, gathering and expanding territory, then for business and trade, he realized that every tribe and region had a different language. Soon, the need for interpretation and translation was realized and people started specializing in this business. From mercenaries to ambassadors to spouses, the influx of various languages across borders has helped shaped the linguistic map of the world.

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Harmful advice for the directors of successful companies


When companies are enjoying stable periods of success, that’s not the time for directors to forget about further growth, content to rest on their laurels instead. It is equally important, however, not to derail the company in an attempt to improve on those aspects that are working just fine as they are. The desire to keep up with the latest trends in management and to use innovations in order to get out of a routine can sometimes lead to results that are the complete opposite of what was expected.

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