The future of translation project management


Management is always about technology and people, and translation project management is no exception.
People can do a limited amount of work, as we all have only 24 hours a day. And if you want to get more work done, there are 2 ways: delegation and automation. This means that you either get other people or machines to do the job. And these 2 approaches need to be balanced, as they are interdependent since machines need people who are competent enough to operate them.

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How the Translation Industry is Tackling Globalization


Globalization has become something of a buzzword today, everyone raves about its importance, and no one want to feel as though their business isn’t ahead of the curve, thinking ahead, never the ones left behind. With this new wave of digital connectivity sweeping across the globe, so too has the demand for translation and localization services increased exponentially.

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The Future of AI in the Translation Industry


Discover how advancements in AI translation tools are benefiting global communication and find out what this means for the future of human translation.

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Case Study - Protemos & FaustTranslations


When you choose a new software, it’s one thing hearing about it from us, but nothing beats hearing it from the people who use it everyday. It’s been a real honour sitting down with FaustTranslations and hearing more about their story and how we’ve helped them. Fingers crossed it’ll give you some inspiration if you too are looking to change your TMS and improve your productivity.

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