APIs and their future in the Translation Industry


Simply put, APIs are a software solution for a communication issue. Almost like translators themselves; they are akin to data couriers or a intersystem postal service that allows efficient communication of information between different applications that otherwise would have significant difficulty (if not a complete inability) to offer any form of interoperability. Needless to say, this function is of vital importance in the fast paced world of translation services today, with delivery times and production requirements ever on the rise.

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Why did we decide to host a free webinar for Protemos freelance translators


Working for yourself, in your own pace and time has always had a romantic connection with people. The urge to experience cultures, visit places, be more involved with families are some of the most common reasons why people decide to become freelance translators. This type of a setting lets them enjoy everything they love - freedom, languages and earning money.

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Data Security: An Easy to Follow Guide for Businesses


Data security has never been so important! If you haven't done your research; chances are you're failing to implement the proper procedures to keep your data safe. In the digital age, so much of our lives are now online, with hackers and scams seemingly lurking around every corner, it can seem almost impossible for businesses to know what provisions should be taken to protect the data they hold.

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