The future of translation project management


Management is always about technology and people, and translation project management is no exception.
People can do a limited amount of work, as we all have only 24 hours a day. And if you want to get more work done, there are 2 ways: delegation and automation. This means that you either get other people or machines to do the job. And these 2 approaches need to be balanced, as they are interdependent since machines need people who are competent enough to operate them.

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Translation company management:
hamster wheels and priorities


Every business has its own challenges, and they are as unique as every organization itself. However, these demands can often be divided into external and internal ones.
External challenges include everything happening outside of your office: new technologies, competitors, market fluctuations, political instability, differing levels of taxation, a hurricane that leaves you without electricity, and hundreds of other possible scenarios.

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Parallel and Sequential Management


It happens in all companies at one time or another: a manager comes along who is always short of time. He and the people working under him are chronically stressed, working under time pressures and breaking deadlines. His colleagues sympathize with him: “Their projects are so hard!” and the manager cuts off all other requests with the phrase “I don’t have time!”

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Translation Management System (TMS) Types


Modern translation agencies use numerous process automation tools: software for translation memories management, quality assurance, project coordination, payment control, communication with clients and vendors. Each of these programs allows you to manage a particular process i.e. it performs a separate function within the overall translation management process.
Most of these programs fall under the category of “translation management systems” (TMS). However, none of them can cover all of a given company’s processes. The term TMS has become so generalized that it can be used to refer to completely different systems. We will try to identify these different categories of TMS system.

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Focus on translation instead of administrative issues

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