The future of translation project management


Management is always about technology and people, and translation project management is no exception.
People can do a limited amount of work, as we all have only 24 hours a day. And if you want to get more work done, there are 2 ways: delegation and automation. This means that you either get other people or machines to do the job. And these 2 approaches need to be balanced, as they are interdependent since machines need people who are competent enough to operate them.

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Who Are “Project Managers” in a Translation Agency?


In modern society, it seems that almost any employable person can be a manager. As new jobs occur and already existing markets develop, the concept of “manager” becomes more and more broad¬—to the point that nowadays it’s not always clear what duties should be assigned to all the various kinds of managers that exist: finance managers, sales managers, purchases managers, and so on.

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Research: business management systems for translation agencies


As is the case in any company, the operation of a translation agency involves a whole bunch of routine processes that need to be properly organized in order to ensure coordination between employees and the company’s development.

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The Perfect Freelancing Job: dispelling the myths


In countless photos on social networks, the perfect picture of a freelancer usually looks like this: a beach, the sea, a yacht, and a small laptop sitting on tanned legs, next to an extravagant looking cocktail, replete with straw and umbrella. You look at this picture and imagine all the adorable and alluring prospects: you complete the entire job, which would normally take you the whole day spent in a stuffy office, in a few hours, and then go swimming!

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Focus on translation instead of administrative issues

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