The 4 Hour Work Week- A Reality or Just Another Dream?


A 4 hour work week may seem ludicrous, not to mention unattainable if you have aspirations for business progression. Nonetheless, it's still a desirable concept to those accustomed to the idea that long hours and hard work are the only path to success. So we decided to look into this ambitious concept; is the 4 hour work week really achievable or is it just another dream?

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Why did we decide to host a free webinar for Protemos freelance translators


Working for yourself, in your own pace and time has always had a romantic connection with people. The urge to experience cultures, visit places, be more involved with families are some of the most common reasons why people decide to become freelance translators. This type of a setting lets them enjoy everything they love - freedom, languages and earning money.

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Taking a deeper look at translation management systems from a user perspective


As a translation management platform provider, we know what we want people to think of when we talk about a TMS. But, if you dive a bit deeper, you realize that there is more to a TMS that meets the eye. With 66.1% of all translation agencies using a TMBS (translation business management system) like Protemos, Plunet, XTRF (to name a few), we thought we'd take a deeper look at what makes a TMS a TMS and what users want from one.

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Focus on translation instead of administrative issues

Grow by optimizing your business processes with Protemos



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