Welcome to Protemos 1.50!


Here we come with the new release of Protemos (version 1.50). Please check what we have added for you:

  • CRM. Now you can define your own client statuses and use them as a sales funnel.  You will see the CRM tab on client pages, and you can use it to change client status, create client-related to-dos, and record the history of important communication with your leads and clients. For more details, please check here.

  • Checklists. You can create checklists that your vendors will have to fill before delivering the jobs to you. More info here.

  • Vendor assignment by filter. If you press “Assign” on the vacant job page, you’ll see the page with a filter to select the vendor meeting your criteria. More info here.

  • File categories. You can mark the files according to their purpose, e.g. “TM”, “Reference”, “Translatable” etc. More info here.

  • External invoice file. Your vendors may now upload their own invoice file in addition to one generated by Protemos, as they may have their own systems to generate invoices. Also, you may upload additional files to the client invoices page. More info here.

  • Other improvements. E.g. API has been extended upon users requests, payables now can be added to vacant jobs, dashboards for clients and vendors, projects pages download speed improved, and a number of other minor enhancements and fixes.

We hope you like it. We’ve started the work on the next version and new features. Stay tuned!

And your suggestions and feedback are welcome!

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