Pilot your translation business without turbulence! (WEBINAR)


Efficient business-piloting assumes steady climb and stable cruise speed while the aerobatic figures look impressive only during the show.

With the vigorous growth of a translation business, every CEO needs TBMS instruments which allow controlling the business procedures with minimal engagement, but with the possibility to interfere in case of need. Such kind of autopilot empowers you to concentrate on the strategy with no risk of losing control over the operation processes.

Our one-hour webinar will show you how to manage your translation business without surprises and always find time for strategic issues while keeping a finger on the pulse of your team with the help of TBMS Protemos Enterprise, created especially for small and middle translation businesses.

Our speaker, Protemos CEO Volodymyr Kukharenko, will share with you his 10 years of experience as a translation agency manager using TBMS tools to ensure its successful growth.

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TBMS Protemos Enterprise: How to Pilot Translation Business without Turbulence

4 September, 2018 at 15:00 GMT

After the webinar you will learn:

●             How to get rid of the business routine to free up your time for strategic planning

●             How to control the translation business team effectively without micromanaging

●             How to keep finances under strict control

●             How to follow your teams’ business communication with clients

●             How to keep your documents in order and never miss a deadlines

This webinar will be useful for:

●             Small and middle-sized translation agencies

●             Translation start-ups who want to start their business in a professional way

●             Young translation agencies that are looking for a TBMS solution to automate their business processes

●             Enterprises who are in search of an easy cloud TBMS with CAT tool integration

●             CEOs and Project Managers who strive to get rid of the administrative “hamster wheel”

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