Version 1.35


We’ve rolled out Protemos version 1.35, and it contains lots of updates: 

  1. Extended user access control (in Enterprise version). Now you have 13 possible manager roles, so you may define what your employees should and should not see. E.g. you may hide or display how much the clients pay to you and how much you pay to vendors, define if Project manager can see only own or all projects, you may create Vendor manager user who will see nothing but vendors list or an accountant who will not be able to edit the projects, and much more. More details here.
  2. Reworked CAT logs. Now we support more formats and variations than ever before, so you won’t be receiving “unsupported format” message anymore. Also, you may edit fuzzy discounts directly in the project receivable and job payable.
  3. Menu regrouped. We’ve removed Finances menu, and moved its items to Clients and Vendors menus. Please see the difference by clicking this link.
  4. Minor changes. E.g. GDPR-compliant privacy policy, additional languages, notes to client/vendor in payables, receivables and prices, quicker invoice PDF downloading, bugs fixing etc.

Next thing we are going to do: make it possible to propose one potential job to many vendors (in Enterprise version). We will keep you posted.

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