Protemos releases 1.56


Here we come with the new version (1.56) of Protemos release:

Client pools. Now you can limit the access of your managers by specific clients. E.g., you can create a pool with 1 client and assign it to a specific manager, and that manager will have access only to that 1 client and won’t see anything related to other clients. You can segment your clients between your managers and let each of them see only the clients they work with. For more information, please check here.

PDF templates customization. We have reworked and improved the ability to customize PDF templates. All the PDF template settings can now be found on a single page. You can also specify the page header and footer for each template and add images. More info here.

New reports. We have added a number of non-financial reports:

  • Project reports show the number of projects, how many of them were delivered in time, and what the average delay is. Instructions are here.
  • Job reports show the number of jobs, how many of them were delivered in time, and what the average delay is. Instructions are here.
  • Work amount reports show the volume of work you did for your clients and the volume of work your vendors did for you (in words, hours, or any other units you use). You can see work amount by client, service, or language pair, and the report can be customized by filters.
  • To-do reports show the number of to-dos, how many of them were performed in time, and what the average delay is. Instructions are here.

New “To-do employee” role. This is a special role for someone who should not have access to the database but may perform various tasks you assign to them. E.g., it could be your office manager, system administrator, etc. More info here.

Email templates. We also simplified the setting up of email templates, which is now more intuitive.

Improved filters and reports. E.g., now you can filter by project tag in finance reports, there are filters added to quote reports, the filter by country is added to client reports, and the vendor type filter appeared on the jobs grid page.

Minor improvements and bug fixes. E.g., batch actions on the Jobs page, included САТ log details in POs, import services for vendors, checklists in job templates, etc.

We hope you like these features, as many of you requested them. We’ve already started working on new ones, and if you need something to be added, please let us know so that we could include it into our plan.

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