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The Benefits of Cloud Services Over In-house Solutions


Why the Cloud is the Most Secure Place for Your Data

With cloud server solutions being increasingly popular in the competitive global marketplace, you may be tempted to wonder whether they really can live up to the hype or are you truly better off using in house solutions?

Making the decision to move your business services to the cloud is a big decision. You may be left scratching your head as to what Systems-as-a-Service (SaaS) are and if they’re right for your business. While most people are left in a state of despair deciding which is the best route; you don't need it feel like this, we have put together an outline of what SaaS entails and how it can benefit your business. The advantages of cloud based systems versus in house solutions, range from cost and security to how your choice will both directly and indirectly affect your business productivity.

What are Systems-as-a-Service (SaaS) ?

SaaS encompases the systems that are provided in the cloud; this includes Protemos but also includes the likes of Google and even Netflix to name a few. We use cloud solutions for almost every service without always realising why they are the preferable option.

At Protemos, our Translation Management System (TMS) manages the running of your translation business from project management, the allocation of jobs, setting deadlines, centralized financial solutions with pricing and vender rates to even invoicing and payment order features. All of this comes with login capabilities for your vendors as well as in house staff and project managers.

In-house Solutions

Let's take a look at what's needed for in-house solutions. For your business to have a suite like this, you may need multiple software installations (one for accounting, one for project management and another for invoicing etc) this comes with the cost of multiple software licenses, then there's the hardware to run all of this software. Server solutions costs easily can run into the thousands. After initial cost there's day to day running, including those hidden costs that most people don't even think about like electricity? Your in-house servers will need to be kept running 24/7. HVAC systems to maintain a servers optimal climate, will only add to your electricity bill, not to mention installation and maintenance costs.

Maintaining an in-house system administer or team of admins is an absolute necessity in this situation to ensure uptime, keep everything running smoothly and to make sure all of the software integrates with your office network.

What makes SaaS preferable?

So now we know there can be a significant cost differential in keeping your systems running smoothly in-house versus choosing a cloud base system. We all know that downtime is lost money! Switch to a trusted TMS, and this is taken care of; you gain the benefit a dedicated team to ensure all systems are regularly updated, secure and ready whenever you need them.

With a cloud based system, there's no ongoing installation, upgrading or patching of software issues to worry about, you don't need the headache of making sure the system stays secure 24 hrs a day, you just put your trust in us at Protemos and we take take of all that. You free up the valuable resources of money, people and most importantly, time. Leaving you to focus on your business goals and how to achieve them.

How can SaaS benefit your business?

As well as human resources and ongoing maintenance, SaaS can vastly reduce running costs for your business, completely removing the capital expenditure of acquiring servers for your business and the expenditure of updating these every 3-5 years.

The cloud is more secure than in-house server solutions, as cloud providers spend a lot of money making sure our systems are secure, not only virtually (software updates, firewalls and intrusion detection) but physically (high security buildings with interior and exterior CCTV, secure server rooms with limited access using RFID or biometric scanning and even some more obscure things like vehicle ram defenses.)

Why choose the Protemos system?

When you take away the pressures and costs of maintaining your in-house solution, removing the burden of responsibility for the security of your systems, you’ll be left to focus on what truly matters; running your business. Not only this, with the ability compile data from every aspect of your business using the Protemos system you can easily assess how your business is doing, analyze where you can make changes to your business to streamline the day to day running and budget more effectively. This is all around the most efficient way assure your business productivity, enabling you to be a success in the global economy.



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