Test translations: an age-old subject of dispute


Test translations are performed not only by translators hoping to find work with an agency, but also by agencies hoping to get orders from a new client. Nonetheless, translators are usually the ones questioning or disputing their usefulness and expedience.

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A busy manager is a bad manager


It’s a hard and fast rule that in order to achieve major goals, you need to expend a lot of physical and mental effort, coupled with a lot of willpower. But sometimes the head of a business is like a hamster on a wheel in his application of this. He’ll labor 12-16 hours a day, literally sacrificing himself to his company.

Sooner or later, these massive efforts bring results, and the self-sacrifice is a source of pride: the boss earns the moral right to say that his dedication enabled him to lead the business to success. But it is more likely that the “hamster-wheel syndrome” is the sign of an incompetent boss.

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Who Are “Project Managers” in a Translation Agency?


In modern society, it seems that almost any employable person can be a manager. As new jobs occur and already existing markets develop, the concept of “manager” becomes more and more broad¬—to the point that nowadays it’s not always clear what duties should be assigned to all the various kinds of managers that exist: finance managers, sales managers, purchases managers, and so on.

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