Grow by
optimizing your processes

What challenges do
translation agencies face besides translation?


Maintain databases of clients and translators, with information about rates, contact information, and terms for each of them


Store files in an organized folder structure in order to not lose texts


Controlling deadlines to deliver the project to customer and to get the files from vendors in time


Financial accounting: invoices to clients, invoices from vendors, ensure timely payments


Coordinate all projects and distribute workload among vendors


Analyze key performance indicators and plan business well

Many companies used to use for this purposes

  • email,
  • Excel spreadsheet,
  • accounting software,
  • text processors,
  • folders,
  • calendars, etc.

However, if all these tools are not combined into a single system, sooner or later the organization will face chaos...

Combine all your processes into a single system!

Developed for translators

The system was originally designed for managing a translation business. It has been tested in a translation agency's real environment.

Easy registration and user-friendly

You can learn the basics of how the system works in 30 minutes by reading the quick start guide and watching our tutorial video.

Comprehensive business analytics

You'll be able to track all of your company's processes all the time. These reports will help you plan how to further develop your business.

Continuous updates and improvements

We consider your feedback and suggestions on improving the system, and we work to make it better every day.


For Translation Agencies

First 3 months for free! register

Try it out before you pay

We are improving the system and will make it more convenient by implementing your suggestions and ideas

Number of managers
subscription period 1 month
subscription period 1 year
1–5 managers
90 USD per manager
390 USD
620 USD per manager
3600 USD

Installation on your server - 5700 USD


Free installation and deployment of the system

Free technical support for 1 year (up to 16 hours per month)

Unlimited number of managers

Free installation packages for installation by your system administrator (for 1 year)


Installation of updates by our administrator in case if you don’t have your own specialist

Subscription for updates and tech support after 1-year period of usage ends